Vintage Reproduction Oil Lamps

Vintage Reproduction Oil Lamps

Vintage Reproduced Oil Lamps

The oil lamp is one of the oldest inventions of mankind, used from biblical times to the Victorian Era. First created in 70,000 BC, using just a hollow rock to hold animal fat-soaked moss which was ignited, the lamp has evolved much thoughout history. Through terracotta, marble, glass, using oil, gas, and electric to produce the desired luminescence.

It took until late 17th century Paris for the first public lampshades to appear, used on streetlights to reflect the light downwards. Due to the invention of the light bulb in the 1800s, lampshades became useful to disperse the bright light throughout the room and protect against the harshness of the light. In Victorian times, the lampshade took on a new aesthetic role, using various materials to create ornate designs. Today, there are countless designs and styles to suit any room or mood.


As well as authentic Roman and Greek terracota lamps, here at Samax Interiors in Ross-on-Wye, we have these fabulous reproduction antique lamps that are wired for electric.

We have just two of each colour in stock: red, yellow, and green, each one in a different style.

Lamps create pools of light for effect or ambience in any room.

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